Controlling algae in water supply for 700,000 New England residents

Public water utility gets an assist from ultrasonic technology to control algae and deliver high-quality drinking water across three New England states

When your mission is “delivering high-quality water 365 days a year,” you’d better be certain that you can live up to your promise. For Aquarion Water Company, a public water utility that operates in a three-state region of New England, there are 700,000 people who will accept nothing less when they turn on their faucets and spigots.

With several reservoirs exposed year-round to the elements, keeping algae at bay is a huge part of delivering upon that mission. At three reservoirs in particular – North Stamford, Putman, and Mianus, in Connecticut – Aquarion sought to reduce its dependence upon copper sulphate treatments to control a blue-green algae issue. 

The company hoped to find an alternative that would make quick work of the eradication of the algae blooms, while both reducing chemical use and increasing water quality.

Drinking water customers can taste the ultrasonic difference

Aquarion deployed a broad ultrasonic solution, placing nine ultrasonic rafts into the three Western Connecticut reservoirs. The four rafts in North Stamford, three in Putnam, and two in Mianus had a quick and evident impact. Not only was the instance of blue-green algae growth nearly eliminated, but so, too, was the need for the tons of copper sulfate that was being dumped into the water supply.

Taste improved, and a frequently-heard complaint of odor in the drinking water was no more

The results downstream were even more dramatic: Taste improved, and a frequently-heard complaint of odor in the drinking water was no more. Today, the high-quality drinking water that flows from faucets in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire is a source of pride for Aquarion.

Let us help you control your algae or biofilm problem

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