Eradicating algae on thirty golf course ponds in Palm Desert

Ultrasonic floats deployed in thirty golf course ponds help California’s Indian Wells Golf Course maintain its edge

For golf aficionados, the Indian Wells Golf Resort represents the pinnacle of golfing nirvana. Hard against the Palm Desert of Southern California, its 36 holes of publicly-accessible golf beckons duffers from across the world, earning Indian Wells a multitude of accolades, including a ranking among Golfweek’s top 20 “Best Courses You Can Play.”

Sculpted out of very arid and sandy topography, Indian Wells Golf Resort today sports meandering streams, natural flowers, striking waterfalls – and about 30 on-course irrigation ponds that require a hefty commitment to keep clear of algae blooms that would prove ruinous to the Indian Wells experience.

Chemical treatment of these ponds, said former Indian Wells General Manager Rich Carter, was a costly and time-consuming exercise that wasn’t always successful in bringing the algae blooms under control.

A flotilla of ultrasonic floats solves a golf course’s problem

Enter SonicSolutions, currently master distributor for Water IQ Technologies, which blanketed the course with more than 20 floating ultrasonic treatment devices. Several were placed in hard-to-reach confines of the course, operating on self-generated solar power. 

The results were dramatic, according to Carter.

“All of us at the Indian Wells Golf Course are very pleased with our algae control devices,” Carter said. “Although we were initially skeptical that the devices would work, we have not needed to use any chemicals for algae control in our ponds— even through the hottest months of the summer!

“We have 21 units controlling algae and helping preserve the beauty of our golf course in an environmentally responsible way.”

“Today, we have 21 units, including 12 solar powered models, controlling algae and helping preserve the beauty of our golf course in an environmentally responsible way,” Carter added.

Let us help you control your algae or biofilm problem

We appreciate the trust of the 3000 SonicSolutions customers worldwide, and now are  committed to making sure the next generation of products from WaterIQ Technologies remain the industry’s most advanced ultrasound solutions control the algae or biofilm challenges in your water.

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