WaterIQ Technologies™ BioPulse 1000™ – Preventing Biofilm Formation

The WaterIQ Technologies BioPulse 1000 reliably and continuously prevents the formation of harmful biofilm on underwater surfaces.

WaterIQ Technologies’ BioPulse 1000TM, is an ultrasonic biofilm appliance that prevents biofilm formation on underwater surfaces and thereby deprives downstream invasive species such as zebra mussels of their food supply. The BioPulse 1000 represents the industry’s first purpose-built ultrasonic solution dedicated entirely to retard biofilm formation and can be found in drinking water treatment utilities, wastewater treatment plants, lakes and ponds, and winery wastewater treatment ponds.

  • The BioPulse 1000 is a bi-directional ultrasonic purpose-built appliance designed to prevent the formation of biofilm.
  • Each BioPulse 1000 is programmed to emit signals that microorganisms sense as turbulence hindering their colonization on surfaces and forming biofilm and ultimately becoming a food source for invasive species such as zebra mussels.
  • Each BioPulse 1000 system can be equipped with optional telemetry and IoT technology to capture and transmit operational status data to the Cloud so that crews can remotely monitor the effectiveness of the unit.
  • Each BioPulse 1000 is highly configurable and can be equipped with various AC/DC power supplies, power cable lengths and plug-ins for different geographies, and onshore solar options. 
  • The use of advanced materials such as the Cerakote™ ceramic thin film coated surface that is both durable and prevents fouling, thereby decreasing operating expenses for the customer.
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BioPulse 1000: your trusted defense against the formation of biofilm

Biofilm constitutes a collection of microorganisms that grow on many surfaces. At a macro level, it can look like homogenous slime. The problem is that biofilm becomes a food source up the food chain for invasive species such as zebra mussels. Zebra mussels are a non-indigenous species in many parts of the world, changing the landscape and making areas unwelcome. They also clog and block critical water treatment infrastructure. Conventional treatment can include the use of chemicals to rid bodies of water from zebra mussels.  WaterIQ Technologies believes that chemicals are not the answer. Unlike chemicals, WaterIQ Technologies ultrasound solutions don’t directly kill zebra mussels. Instead, it simply removes their food source, making it far more difficult for them to multiply and flourish. The WaterIQ Technologies BioPulse 1000 incorporates next-generation ultrasonic technology that provides the performance and reliability to stop biofilm from forming on surfaces. In addition, the optional pairing with advanced telemetry, IoT technology, and monitoring via the Cloud provides remote crews with the unit’s operational status. 

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Faced with aging infrastructure and labor shortages, the BioPulse 1000 helps protect drinking water treatment plants from Biofilm formulation and its negative impact on operations.


BioPulse 1000 defends against the formulation of Biofilm and the downstream effects of invasive species such as Zebra Mussels in wastewater treatment plants that are already facing challenges from aging infrastructure, labor shortages, and strict regulations.

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Government bodies and local owners of lakes and ponds can effectively defend against biofilm forming on underwater surfaces and resulting invasive species such as Zebra Mussels in lakes and ponds by using the BioPulse 1000.

An intelligent solution for biofilm control in facilities, lakes and ponds

  • Requires minimal manual intervention as compared to chemicals
  • The use of advanced materials that is both durable and prevents fouling, thereby increasing uptime and system life
  • Easy to install and configure and inexpensive to operate
  • Optional advanced telemetry and IoT technology to aid in remote system monitoring

Defense against biofilm formulation helps towards restoring your water to its natural state

  • The prevention of biofilm without the use of chemicals
  • The control of zebra mussels by removing their food source
  • Not harmful to other forms of plant and aquatic life
  • Easy and cost-efficient to use
  • Optional remote monitoring helps keep you in control
  • Rugged and reliable in the field
  • A sustainable solution for biofilm control

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