About 95% of the 75,000 species and 2,000,000 of algae are affected by ultrasound, so this is a proven non-chemical way to eliminate them.

Our CTO, George Hutchison recently spoke with Smart Water Magazine about the science behind the increase in harmful algae blooms affecting the world’s water systems. It’s no secret that algae and biofilm can wreak havoc on water systems ranging from wastewater treatment to golf courses, lakes, and ponds, to small private and agricultural ponds, to potable water. In fact, algae can create complex hydrocarbons that are toxic to humans and other living beings, and the problem is only getting worse.

After spending the majority of his career with Amoco Chemical Company, George switched gears to design and perfect ultrasonic algae and biofilm control products which led him to his current position as the CTO of WaterIQ Technologies. His expertise in chemical engineering has helped to develop industry-leading water treatment solutions that are installed around the world.  Our solutions – the WaterIQ Technologies Sentinel AIQTM, PulsarTM, and BioPulseTM families – reliably eliminate algae and prevent the formation of biofilm.  We’re committed to continuous innovation and are dedicated to restoring water ecosystems to their natural states through industry-leading technology.

Rising temperatures around the world are causing algae blooms to occur earlier in the year and could potentially last longer.  George talks about algae blooms and their impacts, and the current solutions for algae management.

For more on this topic, check out the full Q&A with our CTO George Hutchinson in the February issue of Smart Water Magazine (pages 52-55).

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