An Ohio City’s solution for treating algae in its drinking water treatment reservoirs

An Ohio city used to dump tons of copper sulfate into its drinking water reservoirs to kill blue-green and green algae. Ultrasound ended this practice.

Residents of Wilmington, OH, count on the water that flows from their faucets to be safe and crystal clear. But follow those pipes to the city’s two drinking water reservoirs, and the contrast is stark: blooms of harmful blue-green and green algae, clustered atop a water feature that looked more landlocked than aquatic.

Like most city water departments, the city of Wilmington’s was no different in dumping copper sulfate by the metric ton into the lagoons in hopes of eradicating the algal scourge. But this costly and labor intensive gambit was only partially successful in controlling the blooms of cyanobacteria, cylindrospermopsin, and microcystis, and required an ongoing commitment to stay ahead of the growth.

The battle for algae control supremacy

Water Department Superintendent Rick Schaffer had heard of the effectiveness of the ultrasound technology pioneered by Sonic Solutions (and since adopted by Water IQ Technologies), but wanted to see the results for himself.

Schaffer commissioned a 90-day trial of the ultrasound technology in one reservoir; next door in reservoir No. 2, he used traditional copper sulfate treatment as a control. It was quickly apparent that the ultrasonic raft was just as effective in controlling the algae as copper sulfate, leaving the ultrasound-treated reservoir cleaner than it ever had been.

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