Our one purpose: ultrasonic solutions for algae and biofilm control

WaterIQ Technologies™ ultrasonic solutions help control algae and biofilm in order to restore water ecosystems to their natural states. We have replaced chemicals with proven, scientifically-based, sustainable technology, backed by personalized and highly experienced customer support.

Please view the video below to learn more about WaterIQ Technologies and how its next-generation ultrasonic solutions remediate algae and help return water to its natural state.

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We believe everyone deserves access to clean water

From threats to health and safety, to destruction of our environment, and to regulatory and economic challenges, the negative impacts resulting from uncontrolled algae and biofilm are becoming more extreme. Through a rigorous approach to science, technology and customer understanding, WaterIQ Technologies delivers cost-effective, sustainable solutions that effectively address these threats and return water to its natural state.

We’re obsessed with controlling algae and biofilm. Our team has collective experience installing and supporting more than 3,000 systems worldwide.

We’re experts in ultrasonic technology, applying what we’ve learned to advance the use of ultrasound and monitoring technology to make it easy and affordable.

We’re customerfocused. We know how difficult algae and biofilm is to control, so we bring thoughtful, resourceful understanding to each customer’s situation.

We’re committed. WaterIQ Technologies firmly believes that we can restore our waters, but we need to act now. Everyone everywhere deserves clean water.

Proven technology made simple and backed 24/7

WaterIQ Technologies solutions push the envelope in the ultrasonic treatment of algae and biofilm, yet are straightforward to install and operate, requiring little to no custom configuration. We understand that no two customers are exactly alike and the field is rapidly changing. We’re here to help wherever you are, providing guidance and technical support to ensure successful implementation of your system.

Experienced engineers, entrepreneurs and front-line support

WaterIQ Technologies is a newly formed company committed to continued ultrasonic innovation in the treatment and eradication of algae and biofilm in close collaboration with our distributors and some of the world’s smartest and most accomplished researchers in the field. We’re passionate about our purpose and partnering with our customers to remove algae and biofilm and help restore the world’s water.

Join WaterIQ Technologies and Help Restore Water for Everyone

It must be clear by now: our mission is to partner with our customers to remove harmful algae and biofilm from our world’s water supplies and restore water ecosystems to their natural state. Is this your mission, too? Come work with us at WaterIQ Technologies. We are an up-and-coming technology leader in our space and are always looking for like-minded experts in ultrasonic technology, product engineering, customer solutions, and more. Please contact us to learn more about WaterIQ Technologies and where your career experience and interests align with our current needs. Click on the links below to learn more about exciting career opportunities.

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