Controlling algae blooms and biofilm in water resources

Our world’s water resources are under threat from algae blooms and biofilm and their side effects like cyanotoxins and the creation of habitats for damaging invasive species. Fight back with ultrasound.

Algae blooms, biofilm and their effects threaten the world’s fresh water

While algae are natural components of aquatic life on our planet, they’ve gotten out of hand. With climate change, a growing population, and an overabundance of nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen, man has created the “perfect storm” for algae populations to explode, creating harmful algae blooms in bodies of water all over the planet. These problems are a threat not only to treatment plants for our drinking water and wastewater. They also impact agriculture, our treasured lakes and ponds, recreational pursuits such as golf courses—even the wineries that have been part of our culture for millennia.

WaterIQ Technologies believes that access to clean water is a human right and essential to the health of our communities and our ecosystems. We deliver ultrasonic solutions that eliminate algae and deter biofilm without impacting other aquatic life. Our solutions are effective, reliable, easy to deploy, and provide a sustainable method to control algae without chemicals. Join us in helping to restore water to its natural state across all these important applications.

Protecting our drinking water from algae

Faced with aging infrastructure and labor shortages, drinking water utilities need proven, cost effective and reliable solutions to rid harmful algae from the world’s water supply. WaterIQ Technologies ultrasound technology is a reliable solution to algae control that requires very little manual intervention, is very safe to use, and is proven to be effective in killing algae. Dive In.

Removing algae and biofilm in wastewater treatment plants

Ultrasound technology is a proven, cost-effective and reliable solution to rid harmful algae within wastewater treatment plants that are dealing with an older infrastructure, labor shortages, and strict regulations—essential for both the environment and keeping plant and equipment operating smoothly. Learn More.

Efficiently removing algae in golf course ponds and lakes

WaterIQ Technologies ultrasound technology can eliminate algae from golf course water features sustainably to enhance the playing experience and reduce maintenance tasks. Built-in sensors test water health and report intelligently and proactively via cloud-based software for a birds-eye view of all the lakes and ponds. Dive In.

Eliminate algae in lakes and ponds without chemicals

Worldwide, lakes and ponds are plagued with algae. Lakes that just a few years ago were clean and free of algae are infested with algae. Ultrasound technology can help you fight back—quickly, effectively, and sustainably. See how WaterIQ Technologies solutions help public and private entities restore water to its natural state. Dive In.

Killing algae in winery holding ponds – without chemicals

Winery holding ponds for wastewater treatment can be plagued with algae. Ultrasound technology helps you discharge and reuse clean treated water. Optimize your time, operations and brand image with WaterIQ Technologies solutions in your water treatment operation. Dive In.

Protecting our food supply from the harmful effects of algae

Agricultural irrigation ponds are infested by algae that can contaminate the water and clog up irrigation lines, negatively impacting farming operations. WaterIQ Technologies ultrasound technology is a reliable solution that is effective at killing algae and a natural addition to today’s digitized agricultural operation. Dive In.

WaterIQ Technologies is ready to help you with Algae treatment challenges.

Algae won’t go away by themselves. Let WaterIQ Technologies help you find the best solution to your water purity challenges. Take a look at our case studies and other information in our Resources section, and feel free to contact us at any time for answers to your questions.