How to buy WaterIQ Technologies™ solutions to control algae and biofilm

You can buy WaterIQ Technologies ultrasound products to control your algae and prevent biofilm growth today to start restoring your water without the use of chemicals. We’re ready to help you get the best solution for your needs.

Our commitment to a deliver the best ultrasound solution for treating algae

WaterIQ Technologies is committed to excellent customer service and empowering you with factual, reliable information about how to best use ultrasound to control algae and prevent biofilm growth.


Scoping the right ultrasound system for your challenges. 

When you contact us, we’ll walk through some of the details of the challenges you are facing, such as these:

  • Type and size of water body you want to treat
  • Description of your algae or biofilm challenge
  • How long the problem has persisted 
  • What other measures you have taken
  • Is there access to power by the water
  • Identifying the algae in the water


Fast and easy set-up of your pre-configured WaterIQ Technologies system

After processing  your order, WaterIQ Technologies carefully configures, packages and ships your algae or biofilm solution to your location. Assembly is straightforward and quick, with clear instructions, and technical help just a phone call away. Your WaterIQ Technologies solution can begin helping to  restore your water to its natural state the same day it arrives.


Continuous monitoring and customer support ensure success. 

Many WaterIQ Technologies products include ongoing remote monitoring and control capabilities. You can know the operational state of your system and see data displaying your water chemistry—24 hours a day, no matter where you are. If you have any questions, our algae experts are ready to help. We’re committed to help you rid of algae and prevent the formation of biofilm in your water.

Contact our sales team to get started

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