WaterIQ Technologies™ is advancing ultrasound technology to effectively and reliably eliminate algae and prevent the formation of biofilm

WaterIQ Technologies’ solutions reliably and continuously stand ready to attack unwanted algae and biofilm formation in your water – without using chemicals – while giving you continuous and remote progress monitoring.

Chemicals are not the answer. Chemicals can require continuous applications and thus require the staffing, storage and handling to apply. In addition, chemicals can be harsh or harmful to other forms of plants and aquatic life. WaterIQ Technologies’ algae and biofilm solutions are more effective, safer, and in the long, more cost-effective than using chemicals.

The WaterIQ Technologies Sentinel AIQ™ aggressively defends your water in the battle against algae

The WaterIQ Technologies Sentinel AIQ is our flagship product. Sentinel AIQ is designed for larger bodies of water where the requirement is for an autonomous system that doesn’t require land-based power, relying instead on solar to power all onboard systems. Every component is designed for performance and reliability over many years of use. Every Sentinel AIQ is equipped with a powerful Pulsar 4000™ ultrasonic algae remediation appliance.

The WaterIQ Technologies Pulsar™ family of ultrasound algae remediation appliances, designed to stop algae in its tracks

The Pulsar 3000 and 4000 appliances use next-generation advancements in ultrasonic technology, fabrication, and IoT technology to advance the fight against algae. Both feature 360° coverage models, with the Pulsar 3000 covering less distance, making it ideal for applications such as clarifiers, small lakes and ponds, and golf courses. The Pulsar 4000 covers a more significant range and is ideally suited for larger lakes, drinking water treatment reservoirs, and wastewater treatment lagoons. In addition, the Pulsar 3000+ and Pulsar 4000+ introduce onboard IoT and telemetry support, enabling units to transit data from the water to the Cloud, including the unit’s location and operational status.

WaterIQ Technologies BioPulse 1000™ stands ready prevents biofilm formation

The WaterIQ Technologies BioPulse 1000 is the first purpose-built ultrasonic solution designed to prevent biofilm from forming on surfaces. The spread of biofilm in our waters presents significant problems, including a large population of invasive species such as zebra mussels. These species can pose problems for water treatment facilities, including clogging pipes and valves. The BioPulse 1000 is designed to eliminate the colonization of biofilm an essential food source of invasive species such as zebra mussels.

WaterIQ Technologies Customer Support

WaterIQ Technologies and its master distributor, SonicSolutions Algae Control LLC, provide products that are designed to last and backed by an experienced dealer network that is ready to support you before and after your purchase. Sonic Solutions LLC has a reputation in the industry for putting the customer first and approaching customer algae challenges with straightforward data and holistic treatment plans, with ultrasound playing a vital role in chemical free treatment plans. WaterIQ Technologies next generation products raise the bar in performance and reliability to make the customer experience even better.

We’ll work with you to deploy the ideal algae and biofilm solution for your water

The use of ultrasound has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of algae. The vast experience of SonicSolutions Algae Control LLC in treating algae over many years, combined with WaterIQ Technologies’ commitment to continuous innovation, make us the right choice. We believe that we build the most advanced systems both in performance and reliability in the industry. Our products are designed to be easy to buy, install, and maintain and require minimal manual intervention over their service life. In addition, WaterIQ Technologies is committed to continuous innovation through in-field data capture, remote monitoring, and data analysis.  Real-time data helps our customers to measure and constantly improve their water quality, and raise the bar on sustainability.


Contact us to start the process of evaluating how WaterIQ Technologies systems can work in your facility or body of water. We’re ready to fight algae and biofilm when you are.