WaterIQ Technologies™: Our Vision to Control Algae and Restore Water

At WaterIQ Technologies, we believe that access to clean water is a human right. Our company is committed to control the threat from algae and biofilm.

The inspiration to use ultrasound as the cure

Lawrence Field has long had an appreciation for the importance of water in human activity. He founded and ran Cypress Energy Partners, one of the largest pipeline inspection and remediation companies in the U.S. He recognized how important water resources were in this industry, and he was naturally curious how water was protected and managed in other markets.

While playing a round of golf at Shooting Star Golf Club within a few miles of the Teton National Park in Wyoming, Lawrence noticed how the club was utilizing ultrasonic technology to preserve the beauty, safety and cleanliness of the ponds, lakes and other water features). Residing within a pristine natural environment and surrounded by federal and state protected lands, Shooting Star Golf Club has to operate under strict water quality requirements. In short, they needed to return the water they use to the Snake River cleaner than they found it. The success of ultrasonic technology inspired Lawrence to consider how he could create a company to control algae and restore water systems on a large scale.

WaterIQ Technologies: Fresh thinking to restore water to its natural state

WaterIQ Technologies represents fresh thinking and the marriage of the best technical and business strategies to solve algae and biofilm problems plaguing the world’s water. We stand out in the market in four distinct ways:

Our deep domain expertise: Our staff and technical advisors are the leading experts in understanding algae and biofilm and the effects of ultrasound in removing them. We know that chemicals are short-term and harmful “band-aids” with long-term effects on delicate ecosystems. Our team has over 20 years solving algae problems with ultrasound, and we partner with other experts in industry and academia to deepen our understanding.

Our advanced ultrasound technology: Our engineering team works with the world’s leading ultrasonic manufacturing companies to define what’s possible with this evolving technology. Today WaterIQ Technologies is deploying a fourth-generation ultrasound technology that is very reliable and capable of successfully targeting and removing most algae and biofilm. It generates more than 2,000 ultrasound frequencies to create resonance and prevent harmful algae and biofilm without experiencing the negative side effects (such as “cavitation”) that could harm healthy, desired, aquatic life. In addition, our advanced on-board telemetry captures field data and uploads it to cloud-based monitoring and analytics systems.

Our positive, consultative mindset: Our staff members are well-respected for their deep technical knowledge and industry experience. We’re resourceful and approachable, happy to share best practices and collaborate to drive innovation continuously. Not only will you receive the right solution for your water quality challenge, you’ll enjoy your experience with the WaterIQ Technologies team. We love what we do!

Our data-driven approach: Restoring water requires a deep respect for and adherence to scientific research and analysis. We’re rigorous in our research and data collection. Our products are equipped with telemetry and IoT technology to transmit field data to the Cloud, where we can monitor, visualize and analyze what’s happening in water systems. We continuously collect and interpret data to learn what works to remove algae and biofilm and thereby serve our customers better.

Put WaterIQ Technologies to work and outsmart algae

We’re a team of experts passionate about addressing the world’s growing algae and biofilm problem. We believe in restoring water to its natural state because everyone deserves clean water. Get to know WaterIQ Technologies: