Removing algae in golf course ponds and lakes safely and efficiently

Ultrasound technology eliminates algae from golf course water features in a sustainable and environmentally safe manner. WaterIQ Technologies™ supports the golf industry in ensuring their golf course properties are safe, algae free, aesthetically pleasing, and welcoming to wildlife. Our focus is on supporting the maintenance team with chemical-free, efficient and cost-effective solutions while ensuring they have the data they need to make good decisions.

Algae presents a significant challenge for golf course superintendents

Golf courses frequently feature water hazards, lakes and ponds to adorn the landscape. They add beauty to the course, create tranquility and enhance the golfer’s experience. Many golf course properties strive to achieve recognition and Audubon or Nature Conservancy status. Unfortunately, golf course lakes and ponds can become plagued with algae which creates a distraction or nuisance, and even worse, can harm the landscape and kill wildlife.

In addition, the lakes and ponds are often the primary water source for a course’s irrigation system and algae blooms can cause a serious concern for superintendents. Warmer climates and abundant nutrients found in fertilizers, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, contribute to the dangerous spread of algae.

Keeping the Golfing Experience Enjoyable
Priority one is keeping courses playable and enhancing the experience for guests and members. Both private and public golf courses rely on a loyal clientele to ensure popularity and profitability. Unfortunately, unsightly algae blooms and the odors they omit can distract from the overall experience.

Making Effective Use of Maintenance Resources
Superintendents have a hard enough time attracting and retaining maintenance crews. The added burden of both treating algae in the form of chemicals and repairing the damage in the way of clogged pumps and irrigation pipes only add to the workload.

Being a Good Steward of the Environment
Many golf courses have become members of environmental programs such as the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Certification Program. In order to receive this recognition, courses must take steps to enhance their natural surroundings such as reducing the use of chemicals.

Sand trap and pond on golf course in central Oregon

Traditional Solutions to Controlling Algae Are Sub-Par

Unfortunately, the use of chemicals has been the traditional solution for many golf courses. While effective, chemicals can harm other forms of life both in and surrounding the lakes and ponds. It also frequently requires continuous applications and can present safety hazards for crews to handle and store. The residential communities surrounding golf courses, as well as the members and guests themselves, often voice negative reactions to the use of algaecides and pesticides. You can learn more about the impact of algae by reading our Primer on Algae and Biofilm.

Ultrasound eliminates algae in golf courses

WaterIQ Technologies ultrasound technology is a reliable algae control solution that requires very little manual intervention, that is very safe to use, and is proven to be effective in killing algae. Its built-in monitoring uses sensors to test water health and report intelligently and proactively to personnel who can remotely monitor changes and respond. Our Cloud-based software can display all of the lakes and ponds where systems are installed through one screen.

Algae control and water monitor by Water Iq

Get more informed about how ultrasound can control algae on golf courses

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  • Algae and Biofilm Challenges – Take a more detailed dive into the problems that algae and biofilm pose in your water, so you can make more informed decisions about how to control them in [market name] using ultrasound technology from WaterIQ Technologies.

WaterIQ Technologies is ready to help you with algae treatment challenges

Algae won’t go away by themselves. Let WaterIQ Technologies help you find the best solution to eliminate algae from your golf course water features. Take a look at our case studies and other information in our Resources section, and feel free to contact us at any time for answers to your questions.