Protecting our Drinking Water from Algae

Drinking water utilities need proven, cost-effective and reliable solutions to rid harmful algae from the world’s water supply and aging infrastructure.

Eliminating algae from our water supply is essential to health

An algae problem that requires immediate attention

Nutrient pollution in our drinking water supply results in widespread and costly environmental problems that seriously impact the health and safety of our citizens and communities alike. Addressing such water contamination is a top priority for drinking water utilities throughout the world. When excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus enter our water supply through a wide range of human activities it causes algae to grow faster than our ecosystems can handle. These toxins fuel bacteria growth resulting in harmful algal blooms taking over our water supply.

Economic and Time Constraints
When considering technologies and processes to control harmful algae, the most significant constraints facing operators are money and time. Given workload demands and cost constraints, engineers often cannot apply enough energy and resources towards innovation and explore new technologies. In addition, the immediate concern is aging infrastructure and a declining workforce as a large percentage of workers are nearing retirement age and cannot be replaced fast enough. This translates into increased stress to keep up with the demand of consumers who frequently view water as free and abundantly available.

Rising Temperatures and Populations
Increasingly, algae are appearing where they didn’t before. Reservoirs that were once clear of algae are frequently facing warmer temperatures and an abundance of nutrients. This can become a haven for algae growth and migratory animals, such as birds can transport cyanotoxins from one reservoir to another. Rapid growth across world populations worsens the problem.

Increasing Public Sentiment
The public is becoming far more aware and educated around water contamination issues. Even when there are no immediate health threats, citizens are hypersensitive to water taste and odors stemming from their water. This places added strain on water treatment personnel who work hard to service their communities.

Close-up environmentalist hand of a researcher in a process of taking a sample of contaminated water from a lake

Old solutions are increasingly hard to swallow

Drinking water treatment plant operators work hard to ensure they provide their communities safe, algae-free drinking water. They are also responsible for the physical effects of clogged or damaged infrastructure, such as pipes and filters. Historically, operators have relied heavily on filtration, the application of algaecides, and the placement of aeration devices on reservoirs to increase oxygen levels to assist with the decomposition of vegetation and nutrients, which helps reduce the food supply for algae. While chemicals can kill algae quickly and effectively, there are harmful side effects to the environment.

Ultrasound rids algae from drinking water utilities

Ultrasound technology is a reliable solution to algae control that requires minimal manual intervention, is very safe to use and is proven to be effective in killing algae. The built-in sensors serve as checks to test water health and report intelligently and proactively to personnel who can remotely monitor changes and respond as required.

Algae control and water monitor by Water Iq

Learn why ultrasound is the best solution for eradicating algae from drinking water

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