WaterIQ Technologies™ Pulsar 3000 and 4000 Family – Guarding against algae, day and night

The WaterIQ Technologies Pulsar family reliably and continuously defends against algae and plays an essential part in restoring water to its natural state.

WaterIQ Technologies’ Pulsar family of algae remediation ultrasonic appliances is ready to place an all-out assault on algae without resorting to chemicals. The Pulsar family represents the industry’s next-generation ultrasonic algae defense systems designed for performance and field reliability.

  • The Pulsar 3000 is a 360° ultrasonic appliance designed to address small ponds, golf courses, reservoirs, and clarifiers found in wastewater treatment plans. The Pulsar 3000 generates more than 2,000 frequencies proving it to be effective in treating most algae.
  • The Pulsar 4000, similar to the Pulsar 3000, is a 360° ultrasonic appliance, but with an added boost for further reach, making it ideal for large lakes, reservoirs, wastewater treatment lagoons, irrigation basins, and distribution water tanks. 
  • The Pulsar 3000+ and Pulsar 4000+ appliances integrate IoT and telemetry technology to support transporting operational status data to the Cloud for remote monitoring.
  • The Pulsar 3000 and 4000 are highly configurable with various AC/DC power supplies, power cable lengths and plug-ins for different geographies, and onshore solar options.
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The Pulsar Family, your trusted defense against algae

WaterIQ Technologies believes that chemicals are not the answer. Unlike chemicals, our ultrasound technology is not harsh or harmful to the environment, does not require continuous applications and has low operating cost. Much of the world’s water treatment infrastructure is short on human resources as it is. Pulsar represents next-generation ultrasonic technology that produces the highest coverage in the industry and a design optimized for performance and reliability. WaterIQ Technologies’ Pulsar family delivers high performance, high availability and reliability. The added pairing of IoT and telemetry technology to support remote monitoring via the Cloud helps reduce manual intervention in the field.

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In an era of aging infrastructure and labor shortages, the Pulsar 3000 and 4000 appliances reliably help protect drinking water utilities from harmful algae effects and their impact on operations.


The Pulsar 3000 and 4000 defend against harmful algae from water in wastewater treatment plants, facing challenges from aging infrastructure, labor shortages, and strict regulations.

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Government bodies and private owners can effectively defend against algae in lakes and ponds with Pulsar appliances and count on WaterIQ Technologies’ telemetry data to remotely report the operational status of units.

An intelligent solution for algae control in facilities, lakes and ponds

  • Multiple models for different applications   
  • Advanced telemetry and IoT technology to aid in remote monitoring
  • Requires minimal manual intervention as compared to chemicals
  • The use of advanced materials such as the Cerakote™ ceramic thin-film surface that is both durable and prevents fouling, thereby decreasing operating expenses for the customer
  • Easy to install and configure and inexpensive to operate

Defend against algae and work towards restoring your water to its natural state

  • The elimination of most algae across large treatment areas without the use of chemicals
  • Not harmful to other forms of plant and aquatic life
  • Easy and cost-efficient to use
  • Remote monitoring and water analysis keep you in control
  • Rugged and reliable in the field
  • A sustainable solution to control algae

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