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WaterIQ Technologies™

Scientific, sustainable algae and biofilm control

WaterIQ Technologies water treatment solutions control algae and biofilm to help restore water ecosystems to their natural states through industry-leading technology and customer support-not chemicals.

See how Ultrasound can be used to restore water to its natural state — From golf course ponds to wastewater clarifiers.

High Precision Ultrasound Targeting for Algae and Biofilm Remediation and Prevention with 4,400 Frequencies

Pulsar 4400 and 3400

The 4400 and 3400 units, both equipped with 4,400 ultrasonic frequencies, target green and blue-green algae, golden algae, and also dinoflagellates that cause red tide. Our frequency set provides high targeting precision for algae and biofilm control. The 3400 Unit is designed for smaller bodies of water and enclosed applications — but with the same high precision targeting of algae and biofilm.

How Does Ultrasound Control Algae and Biofilm?

The Pulsar is designed to target algae by producing ultrasonic frequencies that correspond to the critical structural resonance (CSR) of cyanobacteria gas vesicles and other algae organelles. The CSR method of algae remediation we employ does not allow harmful algae to release these toxins, so the water remains safe once these algae are defeated by buoyancy loss and consumed by bacteria.

Helping restore water at wastewater and drinking water treatment plants, lakes and ponds, golf courses, wineries, and agriculture

WaterIQ water treatment solutions remove algae and biofilm to help restore water ecosystems to their natural states without the expense, hassle and side effects of chemicals. 

WaterIQ Technologies ultrasound technology is the easy-to-use, cost-effective option for improving the taste and odor in water by reducing and preventing harmful algae blooms, without the cost and hazards of using chemicals. Dive In.

Improving the quality, taste and odor of drinking water

WaterIQ Technologies solutions can reduce the levels of algae that increase pH, cause discharge issues, and push permit limits. Our proven, cost-effective technology can minimize concerns around compliance as well as limitations in resources and staff. Learn More.

Get effective, reliable algae and biofilm control in wastewater facilities and lagoons

WaterIQ Technologies ultrasound solutions work every day to keep water features clear and clean. They minimize the risk of storing, handling and using chemicals through advanced, sustainable technology. Dive In.

Improve water quality on golf courses sustainably, with less hassle

Ultrasound technology works to eliminate hazardous unsightly and odorous algae that can be a challenge in natural and ornamental ponds in residential areas, parks and other public settings. WaterIQ Technologies’ solutions do this easily, reliably and sustainably. Dive in.

Control algae and biofilm problems in lakes and ponds

Install WaterIQ ultrasonic solutions in your water treatment facility for a cost-effective, natural means to curb the growth of algae that can impact product quality and operations. Dive In.

Sustainably treat algae problems in water at wineries

Add ultrasound solutions to your irrigation ponds and realize the benefits both containing harmful algae toxins and prevent the clogging of pipes and filters. Dive In.

Effectively and efficiently eliminating algae from irrigation ponds

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Advanced ultrasonic devices and electronics that require little manual intervention


Embedded smart technology collects and reports essential system operational data and water quality measurements to the Cloud in real-time


Built on combined over 60 years of experience in selling and supporting 3,000 systems installed worldwide


Experienced ultrasonic experts provide fast customer support


Better field coverage and more cost-effective than the competition


Internet of Things (IoT) technology connecting real time field data to the Cloud


Easy out-of-the-box instructions


Built in the USA

Easy to order, easy to use, easy to own. Getting support as you need it is painless.

Don’t waste time in getting your algae and biofilm challenges under control. You can depend on WaterIQ Technologies’ algae control solutions and staff of experts. We’re dedicated to clean water for everyone, so we’ll evaluate your situation and make sure that the right WaterIQ Technologies’ ultrasonic solution is picked for your application.