Needwood Golf Course Transforms its Ponds with Ultrasonic Algae Removal

Golfers and course staff impressed by the effectiveness and reliability of Ultrasound.

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Derwood, Maryland, Needwood Golf Course stands out not only for its challenging courses but also for its commitment to the environment. Among its features are four beautiful ponds, one of which has faced a persistent challenge: algae growth.

As an ACSP certified course by Audubon International, Needwood Golf Course follows strict environmental guidelines, including restrictions on chemical treatments for algae control. Initially, the course tried using a dye to manage the algae, however it proved to be insufficient in slowing the growth of algae.

The Challenge of Persistent Algae Growth

Over the years, the pond became a focal point of concern. In 2013, in a bid to mitigate the algae issue, an ultrasound unit was installed. This technology showcased its effectiveness by preventing algae buildup for nearly a decade. However, in early 2023, the original ultrasound unit finally ceased to function, leading to a resurgence of algae and raising concerns among golfers.

Cuan Hendricken, the equipment manager at Needwood Golf Course, reflected on the situation, stating, “We never really appreciated how well the unit worked until it was NOT working for several weeks.”

The Quest for a Sustainable Solution

With the ACSP certification at stake and the persistent algae problem demanding attention, Needwood Golf Course needed a reliable solution. In April 2023, the course reached out to WaterIQ Technologies, opting for the latest in ultrasound technology. The outcome was the installation of a cutting-edge Pulsar 4400 TM ultrasound unit. This exclusive technology utilizes 4,400 frequencies killing more algal species than other ultrasonic solutions. This ensured that their ACSP certification remained intact while addressing the algae issue head-on.

Hendricken affirmed, “Never considered other options; ultrasound was highly effective.” With this innovative approach, Needwood Golf Course continues to uphold its commitment to the environment but also ensures a cleaner, healthier environment for golfers and wildlife.

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