WaterIQ Taps Industry Veteran Jordan Meissner to Lead Newly Established Lake and Pond Division

Experienced leader to drive growth with environmentally safe, cost-effective, simple to install ultrasonic solutions to combat the growing algae and biofilm crisis

WILSON, Wyo. – August 3, 2022 – WaterIQ Technologies, the leader in next-generation ultrasonic solutions to combat harmful algae and biofilm without the use of chemicals, has appointed Jordan Meissner as Vice President of the WaterIQ Lake and Pond Division. Meissner will be responsible for providing leadership and strategy – working with dealers and driving growth with HOAs, golf courses, agriculture (including irrigation ponds at wineries), municipal lakes and ponds, and private recreational lakes and ponds. 

“The algae challenges facing lakes and ponds are significant, and there is a growing trend towards sustainable solutions that are an alternative to chemicals. WaterIQ provides a proven high-quality alternative that eliminates algae and reduces the risk of toxins,” said Meissner. “I’m thrilled to be a part of a team with a reputation for excellence and integrity. Together, with our valued partners, we can expand access to cost-effective, reliable ultrasonic algae and biofilm solutions around the world.”

Prior to joining WaterIQ, Meissner led a variety of teams at SOLitude Lake Management, where he oversaw environmental and water quality performance while identifying strategic growth opportunities. A champion for innovation and team development, Meissner has led initiatives related to homeowner associations, golf courses, ranches, private landowners, reservoirs, recreational and public lakes, municipalities, parks and state and federal agencies.  

“Jordan brings vast experience and a multi-dimensional perspective that sets him apart as a strong leader in the Lake and Pond industry. He is the visionary you want to help solve customer’s pressing algae and biofilm challenges,” said Lawrence Field, WaterIQ Technologies CEO. “We welcome him to WaterIQ and are eager to see his expertise shape our advanced, field-tested ultrasonic services as we deliver effective, science-based algae and biofilm control solutions to partners and customers worldwide.”

WaterIQ Technologies combines the best go-to-market engagement, technical expertise, innovative technology, and business processes to sustainably address the world’s growing algae crisis. Its solutions are used with customers worldwide, such as Cupsaw Lake Improvement Association in New Jersey and Shooting Star Country Club in Wyoming.  

Working closely with reseller partners to eradicate dangerous algae growth, WaterIQ addresses a variety of markets, including drinking water utilities, wastewater treatment plants, general agriculture, golf courses, lakes and ponds, industrial, and HOAs. The technically-advanced solutions provide wide frequency ranges and advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology for real-time data capture of critical system and water quality data. Additionally, its use of advanced materials, such as CerakoteTM ceramic thin-film technology, enables effective algae and biofilm remediation, long duty cycles and uninterrupted field usage.


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About WaterIQ Technologies
WaterIQ Technologies is a technology company that designs solutions to defend water in drinking water treatment utilities, wastewater drinking plants, golf courses, lakes and ponds, and wineries from algae and biofilm contamination.

WaterIQ Technologies uses next-generation ultrasonic technology, designed to be highly effective and reliable, to eliminate algae and prevent its return and on-board monitoring technology to capture critical water quality data from sensors and transfer it in real-time for remote monitoring and analytics. As a result, our customers can remotely monitor water health to sustainably treat algae. WaterIQ Technologies’ solutions and highly competent staff play a crucial part in an overall prescriptive solution to restore water to its natural state.

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