Historic Ecuadorian City Installs WaterIQ Sentinel Systems

“As a strategic part of our city revitalization initiative, we’ve installed a number of ultrasonic floatation systems to remove harmful algae from our beautiful Laguna de Yahuarcocha,” said Andrea Scacco, Mayor of Ibarra, Ecuador. “We’re proud to be the first city in Ecuador to use this technology, and we’re very confident that this, along with other strategic investments, will help us restore our water to its natural, beautiful state.” (Instagram, February 12)

We’re pleased to be part of Ibarra, Ecuador’s efforts to restore the historic Yahuarcocha Lagoon to its natural state.  The city recently installed our Sentinel AIQ™ Units to eradicate harmful algae blooms. 

The tranquil lagoon is a tourist attraction and the National Institute of Cultural Heritage of Ecuador declared it as one of the most sacred lagoons in the country. As a major tourist attraction, it is one of the most important places of recreation in Ibarra and the province. Addressing the lagoon’s algae challenges, made worse by warmer water temperatures and nutrients, was a pressing priority and one that WaterIQ Technologies and its innovative solutions were well prepared to handle.

Sentinel AIQ – which is highlighted in  below – represents the industry’s next-generation ultrasonic algae remediation solution. It’s solar-powered and is a reliable, always on guard, fully-equipped system with an onboard laboratory ready to eliminate algae threats. The floating solar-powered platform contains a remote water quality monitoring system featuring advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology that can test for blue-green algae, chlorophyll A, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, and turbidity.

“We’re pleased to work with Andrea Scacco, the Mayor of Ibarra, and our partner in Ecuador, Renato Jacome, the President of Rentelkoi Solutions, to help carry out the Mayor’s vision of restoring the lake to its natural state. Our goal is that the great people of Ecuador will enjoy the beauty of Laguna de Yahuarcocha for many years to come,” stated Lawrence Field, CEO of WaterIQ Technologies.

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