Funding available for Wastewater and Drinking water Facilities in Florida

Florida Department of Environmental Protection has recently announced a range of grant opportunities that may be of interest to you. These grants aim to support various projects for water quality improvement, and your facility could greatly benefit from these funds. As a company specializing in water technologies, WaterIQ Technologies, we believe our products align perfectly with the improvements you may be seeking.

You can find detailed information about these grant opportunities on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s website:

Here is a list of eligible projects covered under the Water Quality Improvement Grants:

  • (a) Connecting onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems (OSTDS) to central sewer facilities.
  • (b) Upgrading domestic wastewater treatment facilities to advanced waste treatment or greater.
  • (c) Repairing, upgrading, expanding, or constructing stormwater treatment facilities that result in improvements to surface water or groundwater quality.
  • (d) Repairing, upgrading, expanding, or constructing domestic wastewater treatment facilities that result in improvements to surface water or groundwater quality, including domestic wastewater reuse and collection systems.
  • (e) Projects identified pursuant to section 403.067(7)(a) or (7)(e), Florida Statutes (F.S.).
  • (f) Projects identified in a wastewater treatment plan or an onsite sewage treatment and disposal system remediation plan developed pursuant to section 403.067(7)(a)9. a. and b, F.S.
  • (g) Projects listed in a city or county capital improvement element pursuant to section 163.3177(3)(a)4. b, F.S.
  • (h) Where central sewerage is not available, retrofitting OSTDS to upgrade such systems to enhanced nutrient-reducing OSTDS (a system capable of meeting or exceeding a 50 percent total nitrogen reduction before disposal of wastewater in the drainfield or at least 65 percent total nitrogen reduction combined from onsite sewage tank or tanks and drainfield.)

Here at WaterIQ Technologies, we offer a groundbreaking solution that could be a perfect fit for your water quality improvement projects. Our Pulsar unit can be seamlessly installed in wastewater clarifiers, utilizing ultrasonic technology to prevent biofilm growth and reduce or eliminate algae. As a result, your facility can significantly cut costs related to regular cleanings, including chemicals and labor. Our satisfied customers have reported savings of up to 75% in these areas, with an average return on investment between 12 and 18 months. Additionally, using the Pulsar units in reuse tanks or reservoirs can effectively control harmful algal blooms (HABs) without the need for chemical treatments, eliminating any concerns about chemical residuals in irrigation water.

If you have a specific project in mind where our technologies could be beneficial, please let us know. We would be delighted to provide you with price quotes and any further assistance you may require.

Thank you for considering WaterIQ Technologies as a potential partner for your water quality improvement initiatives. We are eager to contribute to the success of your projects and provide innovative solutions to meet your needs.

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