How do you control algae or biofilm in your water?

If you use WaterIQ Technologies™ ultrasound solutions to control harmful algae blooms or biofilm in your pond, lake or treatment plant, we want to hear and share your story.

WaterIQ Technologies ultrasonic solutions control algae and biofilm to help restore water ecosystems to their natural states. Instead of chemicals, we use proven, scientifically-based, sustainable technology, backed by personalized and highly experienced customer support.

Family kayaking on a small lake on a beautiful summer day in Minnesota, USA. A young girl with curly red hair is nearest the camera in an orange and yellow kayak. Ahead of her are an older sister in a blue kayak and Dad farther away in a red kayak.

If you are a WaterIQ Technologies customer, you already know this. In fact, you’re probably already telling your peers and friends about how much progress you’ve made towards your water purity goals. We’d like to help get your story out. Algae control is a global problem and the more people who know that there are highly effective non-chemical solutions available, the better.

Please take a few minutes to tell us your story. We’ll do the rest.

We know that your days are probably busy, you understand the importance of algae control, but you only have so much  time available  to maintain the purity of your water. That’s one important reason you’ve chosen to use a WaterIQ Technologies ultrasound product! Does one of the bullets below describe your situation?

  • You work at a drinking water or wastewater treatment plant and want to minimize the use of chemicals, lower operational costs and meet compliance regulations.
  • You’re a municipal official, tasked with keeping a public reservoir, lake or pond clean and safe for the public, without too much time or expense.
  • You operate a golf course, and your members and the public expect to enjoy clean, safe water features.
  • You have a pond or lake on your property and want to keep it safe and clean for people, pets and wildlife—without using chemicals.
  • You work in an agricultural business and need to keep your reservoirs free of harmful algae blooms and in compliance with regulations.

Have we missed anything? Whatever your situation, we want to make it simple to share your story with WaterIQ Technologies and our community.

Fill out our “WaterIQ Technologies Story” form. It only takes a few minutes

We’ve created a straightforward form that will walk you through the information we need to turn your success into a WaterIQ Technologies Story to share with the world. You choose how you’d like to proceed.

  • Downloadable Form (coming soon) – Want to tell us your WaterIQ Technologies story offline? Download this PDF form and complete it. Then email it to We’ll get in touch.
  • Give us a call – We’d be happy to do the typing for you! Just call +1-866-562-5423 or +1 413-247-9423 and one of our representatives will get the process rolling for you.

Thank you for choosing WaterIQ Technologies to control your algae or biofilm problem

We appreciate your trust as a WaterIQ Technologies customer, and are committed to making sure our products continue to help you control the algae or biofilm challenges in your water.

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